Effortlessly maintain filters with Autofine Self-Cleaning Solution; automatic cycles triggered by pressure difference ensure peak performance, saving time and money.

Water Issues: Sediment

You’ll never replace a filter cartridge or bag again with the Autofine Self-Cleaning Solution. Stop wasting time and money on manual filter changes. The Autofine self-cleaning screen filter takes care of everything for you. The secret lies in the pressure differential switch. As the filter screen collects debris, the pressure difference increases. When it reaches a pre-set level, the cleaning cycle automatically initiates. A rotating suction arm backwashes the filter surface, ensuring optimal performance with minimal effort on your part.

Product Highlights

Effortless Filtration
Experience uninterrupted operation with automatic cleaning down to 1 micron. No more need to manually swap out dirty filters, saving you valuable time and labour.

Reduced Maintenance Costs
The Autofine system eliminates the need for frequent filter replacements. This translates to significant savings on consumable filters over time.

Lower Maintenance Burden
Forget scheduling filter changes and managing used filters. The Autofine system automates the process, freeing you up to focus on other tasks.

Water-Saving Design
Conserve water and reduce costs with the Autofine's efficient backwash system. It uses minimal water for cleaning, significantly reducing overall water consumption compared to other types of automatic self-cleaning filters. This translates to lower water bills and a smaller environmental footprint for your operation.

Customiseable Solutions
Get the perfect fit for your specific needs with Autofine's wide range of screen sizes, which allows you to customise filtration based on your application. This versatility ensures optimal performance for various water filtration needs.

Versatile Temperature Range
Don't let water temperature limit your filtration options. Autofine operates effectively in a wide range of temperatures, with a standard maximum of 70°C and an optional upgrade to 90°C. This flexibility makes Autofine suitable for diverse applications, ensuring consistent performance regardless of your specific needs.

Big on Performance, Small on Footprint
Get impressive filtration power without sacrificing valuable space. Autofine's individual filters boast high flow rates of up to 340m3/h. This allows for a compact system design, freeing up valuable floor space in your facility.

Built to Last, Durable Construction
Autofine filters deliver long-lasting performance thanks to their high-quality stainless steel construction. Choose from two grades to perfectly match your needs. 316 Grade is ideal for highly corrosive environments, this premium option ensures maximum durability and resistance to rust and wear. 304 Grade is used in less demanding applications, this cost-effective option provides excellent value while maintaining superior strength and corrosion resistance.

Customisable Protection
Autofine filters are built to tackle tough conditions. Our optional specialized coatings and Duplex stainless steel partsprovide an extra layer of defense against the harsh effects of saltwater environments, protecting your filter from rust and degradation. It also protects from harsh chemicals, such as in food processing environments and other chemical-intensive applications.
These coatings and parts safeguard your investment, minimizing maintenance needs and extending the lifespan of your Autofine filter. Get reliable filtration that persists, regardless of your environment.

Product Range

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  • AF3 Series
  • AF4 Series
  • Accessories
  • Spare Parts

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