This range of Reverse Osmosis Systems features robust components and advanced control tech for consistent high-quality water suitable for diverse long-term applications.

Product Highlights

The HyderPro Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is engineered with high performance, heavy-duty components and cutting-edge control technology to ensure a high quality source of water for various uses over the long term.

Assured Water Quality
Enjoy peace of mind knowing your water is consistently high-quality with HyderPRO's advanced RO membranes, which remove over 99% of impurities, ensuring long-term water quality.

Effortless Installation
Save time and money with the HyderPRO system's all-in-one design, ready for immediate setup and operation.

Enhanced Monitoring and Control
Stay informed about your water quality effortlessly with the central process controller, providing real-time updates on system operation, including level status, conductivity, temperature, and alarms.

Tailored Solutions
Customise your system to fit your specific needs with options like antiscalant dosing, permeate membrane rinse, and raw water blending, addressing a wide range of water supply challenges for optimal performance and longevity.

Reliable Pump Performance
Rely on Grundfos's high-quality, durable pump for long-lasting, dependable operation in your HyderPRO system.

Remote Monitoring for Peace of Mind
Keep tabs on your system's performance from anywhere with the EConnect controller, offering live monitoring of key parameters and precise adjustment of operating settings for optimal efficiency and service planning.

Product Range

  • R Series Reverse Osmosis System

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