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I’ve got an existing system that’s not meeting compliance, what should I do?2024-03-09T14:44:47+11:00

If your existing water filtration system is failing to meet compliance standards, the best course of action depends on the specifics of your situation. Typically, each case requires individual assessment to ensure sustained compliance. In our experience, replacing non-compliant systems with correctly designed and installed ones is often necessary to achieve long-term compliance.

What pipework material/s can I use for healthcare RO water?2024-03-09T14:44:45+11:00

For healthcare Reverse Osmosis (RO) water pipework, suitable materials include stainless steel as well as certain types of plastic such as Pex and PVDF. These materials are commonly used in hospitals due to their compatibility and suitability for RO water systems.

What is the recommended frequency of water testing to ensure AS5369:2023 compliance?2024-03-09T14:44:42+11:00

AS5369:2023 stipulates that monthly testing for TVC should be conducted for the first 12 months of your system being installed. The Standard states that endotoxin testing should be conducted annually, with the frequency adjusted according to the test results.
Our recommendation is to adopt a rigorous water testing regime with monthly water testing for both TVC and Endotoxin for the first 12months. Based on the performance trends, adjust only the frequency of Endotoxin testing. Monthly TVC testing will help you to set the disinfection frequency. It is important to remember that disinfection of an incorrect design of RO unit may elevate Endotoxin level.

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In terms of compliance, what are the key factors I should be considering when evaluating a water filtration system?2024-03-09T14:44:39+11:00
  1. Assess the current and future needs of the facility – Understand the size of the facility to ensure the system is appropriately sized. Consider existing infrastructure and any plans for future expansion.
  2. Check references of the provider – Look for examples of compliant systems that the provider has implemented successfully in operations.
  3. Understand municipal water quality – Consider the quality of the water supply provided by the municipality to ensure compatibility with the filtration system.
  4. Evaluate methods for long-term microbial compliance – Determine the strategies and technologies that will be employed to maintain microbial compliance over time
What information must I gather to ensure a compliant system is designed?2024-03-09T14:44:35+11:00

This includes obtaining data on municipal water quality, identifying the type and quantity of equipment that utilises purified water, and understanding usage patterns. By incorporating these details, a system compliant with AS5369 standards can be effectively designed.

What is the turnaround for an emergency site visit?2024-04-25T17:28:53+10:00

If you’re in contract, we have a 30 minute call back response time and a 4 hour turnaround for attending on site.

What is the turnaround for a standard site visit?2024-03-09T14:44:22+11:00

Southland Service team can usually book a site visit for preventative maintenance in around 1 week

What are your lead times on spare parts stock?2024-03-09T14:44:15+11:00

Southland’s lead times depend on the spare part but typically it is 2-3 days

Are your water filtration products watermarked?2024-04-25T17:27:53+10:00

The following products are Watermarked

  • Judo range automatic filters
  • SKAN UV Filters
Where do you hold stock ?2024-03-09T14:44:01+11:00

Southland have stock in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania

Get answers to your industrial water filtration questions

Explore our FAQs page to find answers to commonly asked questions about our industrial water filtration products, services, and company.

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