Produces demineralised, ultrapure water for Renal Dialysis, offering single or two-pass options and fully automatic thermal disinfection with adjustable settings.

Application: Renal Dialysis

Water Issues: Endotoxins

Product Highlights

High operational safety
Two pass technology consists of two series connected Reverse Osmosis units. This guarantees the highest quality of pure water ensuring consistent operational safety

Reduction of operating costs
Save on costs due to permanent regulation of wastewater quality. The second RO, in a two pass system, can be completely wastewater free.

Save Money and Water
The Herco Renal Reverse Osmosis system only purifies water when you need it, thanks to its smart Demand activated control. Plus, it recycles water, reducing waste and lowering your water bill.

Safer water, compact design
Thanks to tankless heating technology, the Herco eliminates the risk of endotoxin buildup, ensuring the purity of water. Plus, the tankless design saves valuable space under your sink.

No more hidden threats
The Herco RO system's dead zone free construction prevents areas where harmful bacteria can grow, ensuring you have safer water.

Built to Last
Featuring high-quality stainless steel piping and frame, providing excellent service access, the Herco RO system is exceptionally durable and long-lasting, providing you with peace of mind for years to come.

Ready to use:
With TGA registration and certifications according to MDD 93/42/EEC, Annex II excluding (4),. Classification as medical product class II b

100% Redundancy:
The two pass RO units can be operated independently in an emergency without downtime, delivery 100% redundancy.

Product Range

  • HercoTherm
  • HercoPur Single Pass RO
  • HercoPur Two Pass RO

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