Our Customers

As a cornerstone in the industry, we understand the unique needs of various stakeholders and have designed our services to cater to the diverse requirements of our valued customers.

For Consultants:

Catering to hydraulic engineers, we provide relevant and timely information to help you specify and enhance your designs. We understand the imperative of delivering quality projects on time with top-tier products. Our extensive skills and knowledge in designing water treatment plants ensure we are a reliable partner in your projects. Quick responses to queries and prompt support underscore our commitment to aiding you in specifying water treatment plans and delivering projects on time.

For Building Contractors:

Empowering building contractors is at the heart of what we do. Collaborating closely with estimators, project managers, and contracts administrators, we ensure swift and accurate quotes, facilitating seamless project progress. Our commitment to quality extends to crafting clear scopes, delivering top-notch products and equipment, and providing comprehensive documentation. Your projects are not just milestones; they are reflections of our dedication to excellence.

For End Users:

We frequently engage directly with end users, from general managers to engineers, maintenance managers, health and safety specialists, and water technicians, and we comprehend your unique challenges. Armed with extensive product knowledge, we ensure parts are readily available to maintain your business continuity. Our after-hours support and planned maintenance programs are designed to keep your business and service operations running smoothly, leaving you with peace of mind.

For Wholesale Trade:

In the dynamic landscape of wholesale trade, we collaborate seamlessly with business development, projects, engineers, and estimators. Our commitment is not just to having items in stock but delivering promptly and keeping you informed on orders, lead times, and shipping costs. Transparent pricing ensures you can serve your customers promptly. With readily available product knowledge and user-friendly datasheets, we are always just a phone call away to provide the support you need.

For Facilities Management:

Facilities managers and hydraulics technicians count on us for prompt delivery of essential parts in stock. Our support extends to ensuring timely site repairs and maintenance to minimise downtime. Responsiveness to queries is ingrained in our service ethos, ensuring your site runs seamlessly with our unwavering support.

Industries we serve

Our diverse clientele spans across industries ranging from Building Construction, Healthcare, Food and Beverage Manufacturing to Government, Defence, Mining, and Accommodation Services.

Working with us

At Southland Filtration, our commitment to your success is not just a promise—it’s a guarantee. Experience the benefits of a partner who understands your unique needs and possesses the skills, experience, and processes to exceed your expectations.

Ready to experience the benefits of a dedicated partner who understands your unique requirements? Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.