Compact, all-in-one unit with pump, energy recovery, membrane housing, and element, eliminating external piping for seamless integration.

Application: Desalination

Water Issues: Sediment

The Aqua-Life is a seamlessly integrated unit comprising a high-pressure pump, an energy recovery device, a membrane housing, and a membrane element all condensed into a single, compact design without any external piping. Simplifying water purification, there's no need for synchronisation – just switch it on and enjoy fresh water effortlessly.

Each module yields an impressive 30 m3 of purified water per day. Need more? Simply connect additional modules to scale up production: two, four, or even twelve units can be interconnected, providing 60, 120, or 360 m3/day respectively.

Product Highlights

Compact size
Aqua-Life plants minimize the need for pipework by utilizing channels within base blocks, which serve as both support and main structural elements, resulting in a smaller footprint. These blocks feature a modular design, allowing them to be easily stacked together to create desalination plants of any capacity while maintaining a minimal footprint.

Less Maintenance Required
Aqua-Life's design, incorporating base blocks as structural elements, translates to reduced maintenance costs due to lower maintenance requirements.

The unique axial-piston high-pressure pump, crafted from Duplex and Super Duplex steel, ensures exceptional strength and longevity. Its sliding surfaces are coated with carbon-reinforced PEEK polymer for enhanced performance. By utilizing pistons and movable bushings actuated by high-pressure concentrate, seawater is effortlessly pumped into the rotor cavity.

Experience efficient desalination with our Axial-Piston Pumps APPR43 & APPR400, featuring an integrated energy recovery device

High Corrosion Resistance
Benefit from high corrosion resistance, as all metal parts are crafted from Duplex and Super Duplex steel, renowned for their extreme durability against corrosion. Non-metallic parts are also constructed from PEEK polymer, ensuring exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear.

Experience Cost Savings
Enjoy lower operation costs with our pump, offering uninterrupted operation for at least 8000 hours without the need for direct maintenance. Ultra-low energy

Maximize Energy Efficiency
Benefit from ultra-low energy consumption, thanks to our ERD technology, reducing energy usage by more than two times compared to equivalent high-pressure piston pumps

Save Time with Easy Installation
Our APPR pumps feature a compact design relative to their flow rates, ensuring quick and straightforward installation. Pumps are directly connected to the motor via a high-strength coupling which simplifies the set up process.

Product Range

  • Aqua-Life Seawater Desalination System

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