Achieve top water quality using DEFENDER Filtration + Disinfection Modules, offering comprehensive, efficient water treatment.

Experience industry-leading water quality with the DEFENDER Filtration + Disinfection Modules, providing you with a complete and efficient water treatment solution.

Product Highlights

Comprehensive Contaminant Control

For control of bacteria, bad taste and odour as well as sediment such as dirt, rust, sand, minerals, clay etc.

Durable Construction

Rely on the DEFENDER modules’ durable reinforced polypropylene filter housings, designed to withstand the test of time.

Maximum Water Purity

Enjoy a stronger and longer-lasting installation with DEFENDER modules.

Versatile Solutions

Tailored to your needs, DEFENDER modules offer dual filtration for flows of 60 L/m and dual filtration & UV disinfection for flows up to 300 L/m. Cover every market demand effortlessly!

Product Range

  • D1 Series

  • D2 Series

  • D3 Series

  • D4 Series

  • D5 Series
  • D6 Series

  • D7 Series

  • D8-A Series

  • D9 Series

  • D10 Series

  • S4 Series
  • S5 Series
  • S6 Series

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