Essential for potable water and rainwater reuse, preventing pipe erosion, leaks, and blockages by removing suspended particles.

Product Highlights

Judo Filtration products stand as the cornerstone of potable cold water and rainwater reuse systems. Engineered to with the lifespan of pipework and infrastructure in mind, Judo combats common issues like leaking toilets, faucet erosion, and clogged aerators by tackling the issue at its source – removal of suspended particles that cause pitting, corrosion and blockages. Say goodbye to the headaches of copper pipe erosion and valve malfunctions. Experience uninterrupted flow and optimal performance with the Judo.

Efficient Backwash Cleaning
Rotating suction arms clean the screen incrementally, ensuring thorough cleaning without interrupting flow. High velocities guarantee a swift and effective process, preventing issues like leaking faucets and erosion of pipes.

Transparent Viewing Glass
See the filtration process in action with a transparent viewing glass. Easily monitor the screen and backwash operation for hassle-free maintenance, reducing downtime and potential damage.

Compact Design
With a small footprint between inlet and outlet points, installation is quick and disruption is minimal. Enjoy the benefits of improved water quality without major interference to your existing setup.

Versatile Inlet Manifold
Mount the inlet manifold vertically or horizontally for flexible installation options. Reduce setup time and avoid unnecessary pipework adjustments, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Continuous Water Flow
Experience uninterrupted water flow during the cleaning cycle with Judo backwash filters. Say goodbye to disruptions and maintain consistent water quality throughout.

Manual or Automatic Operation
Choose between manual or fully automatic operation without compromising on water quality. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your water infrastructure is well-maintained, regardless of the operating mode.

Product Range

  • JFY Series – Manual Backwash Filter
  • JSY-LF Series – Manual Backwash Filter
  • JSY-LF-A Series – Timer Controlled Backwash Filter
  • JPF Plus Series – Manual Backwash Filter
  • JPF AT Series – Timer Controlled Backwash Filter
  • JPF ATP Series – Pressure Differential Controlled Backwash Filter
  • JFXL PLUS Series – Manual Backwash Filter
  • JFXL AT Series – Timer Controlled Backwash Filter
  • JFXL ATP Series - Pressure Differential Controlled Backwash Filter

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