Essential for potable water and rainwater reuse, preventing pipe erosion, leaks, and blockages by removing suspended particles.

Product Highlights

MediaPRO is a custom-made product for your specific water filtration needs, the preassembled media filtration package includes:

  • Water Softener Systems
  • GAC – Granular Activated Carbon Systems
  • Sediment Removal Media Systems
  • Other Specialised Media Systems – Iron reduction, pH control, etc.

Timesaving media filtration package
Save hours in time and reduce labour costs with this preassembled media filtration package. Ready for installation, it includes:

  • Hub and laterals fitted
  • Riser tube cut to length
  • Pre-programmed auto-control valves
  • Free commissioning load of softener salt (for water softening orders)

Reduced maintenance costs
Save on maintenance costs with the No Hard Water Bypass Valve option. This protects the assets downstream that the softener or media filter is feeding. It extends the lifespan of the equipment because it prevents the supply of untreated water.

Lower media replacement spend
Save on costs and time with fewer water media replacements, due to the separate source backwash option. Clean water backwash is better for media, meaning less changes are required.

One standard product code
Easy to provide quotes and for your customers to order with one standard product code.

Straightforward Data Sheets
Easy to understand datasheets to order from, it’s as simple as sizing the system based on a few basic parameters.

Effortless installation
This preassembled media filtration package reduces site set up. Clear datasheets and manuals are available for technicians to refer to for an easy install.

Quick start
Free commissioning bag of water softener salt to get up and running straight away.

Suitable for any site
Suitable for any site application, with flexible system configurations. Suitable for any flowrate or plant size. The preassembled media filtration package come in single or multiple unit configurations.

Reduce downtime
Cut downtime and continue operations with sequential or parallel controls for the entire range. Easier for you to configure controls for uninterrupted water supply.

Product Range


  • Single Water Softeners
  • Duplex Water Softeners

Carbon Media Filters

  • Single Activated Carbon Media Filters
  • Duplex Activated Carbon Media Filters

Glass Media Filters

  • Single Glass AFM Media Filters
  • Duplex Glass AFM Media Filters

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