Tailored for endoscopy and CSSD, with duplex RO units meeting rigorous standards for purified water temperature and quality.

Water Issues: Endotoxins

Product Highlights

Compliance and Quality
Integrated duplex RO units deliver purified water at the required temperature, meeting the rigorous standards of CfPP01-06, EN ISO15883, and AS5369:2023 (formerly AS4187:2014).

Limited downtime
Programmable thermal sanitisation outside operational hours adds convenience.

Quality water
Experience Unmatched Performance: Benefit from a combination of reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, and an Endotoxin removal stage, working together seamlessly in a recirculating system to achieve and maintain top-tier water quality.

Compact Footprint
Ideal for single or multiple Automated Endoscope Reprocessors (AER) and CSSD Washers & Sterilisers, the Duplex RO systems have a compact design with footprints as small as 1400mm wide x 710mm deep (1950mm H),

Flexible Placement Quiet Operation
Quiet operation allows for flexible placement.

Enhanced Features
This system offers a range of features including:

  • High dispense rates for faster machine fill rates
  • Hygienic sample valves for validating water and quality PLC controller with colour touch screen
  • HMI and removable USB memory stick for data logging system performance and sanitisations

Product Range

  • Endotherm Mini
  • Endotherm Duo

  • Endotherm Duo Modular

Available Downloads

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