EndoTherm Mini

  • Complete purified water system incorporating RO, tank and distribution
  • Ideal for single/multiple Automatic Endoscope Reprocessors (AERs) feed
  • Thermal disinfection at >80°C carried out automatically out of hours
  • Water recirculates at user specified temperature via the UV and 0.04 micron endotoxin retention flter to all point(s) of use
  • Compact and easy to install with footprints as small as550mm wide x 600mm deep (1980mm H)

Models & Specs

Model Product Flow at 15°C*
EndoTherm MINI 150 150 l/h
EndoTherm MINI 300 300 l/h
EndoTherm MINI 500 500 l/h
EndoTherm MINI 900 900 l/h