Eliminates bacteria and viruses with specific UV wavelength, ensuring clean, taste-free and odour-free water without chemicals.

Technology: Disinfection

Water Issues: Endotoxins, Microorganisms

Product Highlights

Enjoy clean, chemical-free water with Healthshield UV disinfection systems.

Kills Bacteria & Viruses
Healthshield uses a specific wavelength of UV light to deactivate harmful microorganisms without altering taste or odour. It's a safe and effective alternative to harsh chemicals.

USEPA & NSF Certified*
Healthshield is validated by independent bodies to meet strict water quality standards, giving you peace of mind.

Peace of Mind with Advanced Monitoring (on applicable models)
Get real-time performance and continuously monitor UV intensity for optimal performance. Some models automatically shut off if the UV sensor detects an issue, ensuring safe water delivery. Units can be connected to Building Maintenance Systems to provide alerts of a malfunction.

Modular Design and Scalable Solutions for Diverse Needs
Healthshield can handle a wide range of flow rates to fit your water flow requirements. Its modular Design allows you to connect multiple systems for even greater capacity.

Simple and effective, Healthshield provides a reliable solution for clean, safe water.

*on applicable models

Product Range

  • UV HE Series 1-5
  • UV HE Series 5-9
  • UV HE Series 11-15
  • Viqua PRO Series
  • Spare Parts

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