AQUA-LIFE Seawater Desalination System

  • Compact modular design, can be connected in stacks.
  • Minimal pipework due to innovative manifold meaning less maintenance, and smaller footprint.
  • Pump incorporates energy recovery from high pressure brine flow which provides over 60% of the drive energy providing very kWh/m3 of desalinated water.
  • Axial-piston high pressure pump constructed of corrosion resistant Duplex and Super Duplex steel. Non metallic parts are manufactured from corrosion and wear resistant PEEK Polymer.
  • Contacting surfaces lubricated by sea water flowing through them.

Models & Specs

Model m3/day TDS %
30-1-DB8SW030 30 45,000 35-40
60-2-DB8SW030 60 45,000 35-41
90-3-DB8SW030 90 45,000 35-42