AF1 Series

  • Flows up to 2.2 L/s
  • Pressure differential backwash control
  • Control panel with indication lights
  • Low consumption for backwash
  • Screen sizes available as detailed below
  • 304 Grade stainless steel housing
  • Min operating presssure: 200kPa
  • Max operating pressure: 500kPa
  • 25mm (1”) BSPM Inlet/Outlet
  • 32mm (1 1/4”) BSPM Inlet/Outlet

Models & Specs

Code Model
S25100501 AF1-25 Auto Self-Cleaning Screen Filter, 25mm
AF1-BMS AF1 BMS/Volt Free Contacts Upgrade

Filtration Rates

Model Max Flow rate Inlet/Outlet 0.5 1 5 10 20 60 – 500
AF125 6m3/h 25mm
8m3/h 25mm

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Spare Parts

Model Code Description
AF1 Series S25500501 AUTOFINE 1 Micron Screen for AF1
S25500502 AUTOFINE 5 Micron Screen for AF1
S25500503 AUTOFINE 10 Micron Screen for AF1
S25500504 AUTOFINE 20 Micron Screen for AF1
S25500505 AUTOFINE 40 Micron Screen for AF1
S25500506 AUTOFINE 60 Micron Screen for AF1
S25500507 AUTOFINE 80 Micron Screen for AF1
S25500508 AUTOFINE 100 Micron Screen for AF1
S25500509 AUTOFINE 200 Micron Screen for AF1
S25503005 AUTOFINE Suction Arm Assembly to suit AF1
S25504510 AUTOFINE DP Switch Assembly to suit AF1, AF2, AF3, AF4
S25504005 AUTOFINE Backwash Solenoid Valve to suit AF1
S25505001 AUTOFINE Controller to suit AF1
S25505010 AUTOFINE Circuit Board to suit AF1