Skan Bag & Filters

Versatile solution for water, oils, chemicals, beverages, paints, offering simplicity, speed, and cost-effectiveness over complex systems.

Product Highlights

SKAN Bag & Cartridge Filters are your ultimate solution that can easily and quickly filter water, oils, chemicals, beverages, paints, and more. Say goodbye to complex filtration systems and hello to simplicity, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Fits Your Unique Needs
Available in various sizes and materials, including polypropylene and durable stainless steel constructions, ensuring a perfect match for your specific requirements. Polypropylene suits budget-conscious customers, while stainless steel offers robustness, longevity, and corrosion resistance, ideal for high-pressure environments.

Cost-Efficient Filtration
Bag filtration systems deliver high flow rates, resulting in reduced filtration expenses. By utilizing bag filters, you can economically test a range of micron-rated filter bags, finding the perfect fit for your needs and minimizing filtration costs.

Effortless Maintenance
Stainless steel housings with swing bolt lid closure ensure efficient operation with minimal downtime during bag changes. The fast and simple process of undoing and securing the lid saves valuable time, whether you're changing bags in-house or relying on third-party maintenance services, ultimately reducing operational costs.

Adaptability for Any Scenario
Standard sizes cover a wide range of inlet/outlet connections, from 20mm to 80mm, while custom manufacturing options cater to special applications or higher flow rates, such as multibag and multicartridge housings. This versatility makes SKAN Systems suitable for a variety of environments, from demanding industrial sites to standard filtration requirements, ensuring seamless integration into any setup.

Product Range

  • SLC-SD Series - Polypropylene Cartridge Filter Housing
  • SLC-MP Series - Polypropylene Cartridge Filter Housing
  • SLC-SS-MC Series - Stainless Steel Multi-Cartridge Filter Housing
  • SLB-PP-PT Series - Polypropylene Bag Filter Housing
  • SLB-SS-04 Series - Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housing
  • SLB-SS-100 Series - Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housing
  • SLB-SS-02 Series - Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housing
  • SLB-SS-MB Series - Stainless Steel Multi-bag Filter Housing

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