Date: 27/01/2018
Read Time: 1 min 20 sec
Author: Tim Cox
Key Points:

  • Rainwater harvesting systems offer eco-friendly solutions for reducing mains water usage, potentially saving thousands of dollars annually on water bills.
  • Tailored commercial systems incorporate filtration and disinfection, while grants and incentives may offset setup costs


Water resources are stressed in communities throughout many parts of Australia and corporations realize they have an obligation to reduce their impact on the environment and its resources.

Whether you’re striving to be an eco-friendly company to achieve a green star rating or are searching for long term cost savings, a commercial rainwater harvesting system can help. Rainwater harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater for reuse on-site. It’s a substitute to using mains water which can be used for toilet flushing, irrigation and if treated properly drinking water and laundry.

Whilst these systems are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, it’s still estimated that 90% or more of the water used by commercial properties could be replaced with non-potable water from on-site rainwater harvesting.

Just one commercial rainwater harvesting system can prevent tens of thousands of litres of stormwater run-off every time it rains, helping to save 2-3 million litres of municipal water per year.

Using less municipal water translates into saving thousands of dollars in water and sewer bills each year for the life of the building, providing a real return on investment. As an average guide, approximate reductions of up to 80% of your water bill on a commercial application can be expected with a rainwater reuse system.

Every site has its own unique needs and each require a customised solution. If water is collected from a car park it would need an oil and water separator and from a rooftop dust would need to be filtered. When sourcing a commercial water harvesting systems ensure it includes commercial-grade filters, disinfection, pressurisation and control components assuring water safety and the reliability required for commercial buildings.

Depending on the project location, grants and incentives may be available to offset set-up costs for commercial rainwater harvesting systems.

*Search the Department of Industry, Innovation & Science website for grants and assistance. View the National Landcare Program website for more information on Environment Small Grants.