[29/09/2023]  Southland Filtration, experts in engineering water treatment solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with H2X Engineering. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in simplifying the work of hydraulic engineers and consultants by integrating five distinct Southland Filtration products into the H2X Engineering software suite. These products include Water softeners, Ultraviolet systems, Bag and Cartridge Filters, Auto Screen Filters and RO Systems.

The key advantage of this partnership is that hydraulic engineers can streamline the design process, saving valuable time and resources. By incorporating Southland Filtration’s product offerings into the H2X Engineering software, users can seamlessly size and specify the most suitable filtration solutions for their specific project requirements.

Tim Cox, CEO of Southland Filtration, said about this partnership, “We are excited to join forces with H2X. Their commitment to providing engineers with user-friendly and invaluable tools perfectly aligns with our mission of delivering tailored solutions based on our customers’ exacting needs.”

This collaboration amalgamates Southland Filtration’s 28+ years of expertise in engineering water treatment solutions supplying filtration products and system maintenance services with H2X’s specialized software tools tailored for the building services industry. The result is a powerful solution that empowers hydraulic engineers and consultants to design water filtration solutions with greater precision and efficiency than ever before.

“The team at H2X is thrilled to collaborate with the industry leader in water filtration. Providing hydraulic engineers the ability to size and specify a range of filtration devices, tailored to their specific project, further enables our users to create their best work whilst also improving their efficiency” – Jonathan Moudsell, CEO of H2X Engineering.

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About Southland Filtration
Southland Filtration is an Australian, family-owned business with over 20 years’ experience providing water filtration solutions. Southland engineer and distribute water filtration systems such as Reverse Osmosis and Desalination units. It supplies products such as filters and UV disinfection, provides spare parts, as well as services water filtration systems. Southland serves clients in the commercial, industrial, and healthcare sectors across the eastern seaboard.

H2X Design Software 
H2X offers a streamlined design software tailored for hydraulic engineers, simplifying the design of water, gas, drainage, or fire systems
The software intuitively handles CIBSE-verified calculations such as pipe sizing and pump specifications.
Additionally, users benefit from versatile export options including PDFs, detailed reports, bill of materials, as well as compatibility with AutoCAD and Revit
By leveraging H2X, engineers can enhance both the efficiency and accuracy of their projects.

For more insights, visit the H2X Engineering website.