[29.11.23] The containerised Blackmans Bay Recycled Water Treatment Plant has successfully undergone the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). This critical technical milestone represents the first demonstration of the 2.6 ML/day multimedia, ultrafiltration and chlorination recycled water treatment plant.


The water treatment plant will produce Class A water from Class B discharge taken from the existing TasWater Blackmans Bay Sewage Treatment plant. It will then pump the treated Class A water through the South Arm Pipeline. The pipeline is a 14km long network spanning from Blackmans Bay to South Arm.


The water treatment plant is containerised and modular in design. It includes a 450kL Class B storage tank and recycled water treatment plant with two filtration stages; multimedia filtration with automatic backwashing and ultrafiltration for final polishing of water. There is a 110kL Class A storage tank and pressure-controlled booster pump station package designed to pump water through a submarine pipe under the Derwent River. A second flowmeter on the eastern shore will measure the flow and detect possible pipe rupture in the submarine section of the South Arm Pipeline.


During the conducted factory testing, the system demonstrated full automatic operation and is now ready for delivery to site.

Members of the Southland technical and project teams were present at the FAT, as well as project team representatives from Resonance Consulting who are managing the project.

“We conducted a series of comprehensive performance tests to evaluate the equipment operation across different modes” said Paul Hochman, Southland Project Manager. “And I’m pleased to verify the team has designed and built a plant with functionality, integrity and quality that have achieved the design specifications.”

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James MacAlpine who also attended from Resonance, he said “The Factory Acceptance Testing of the Recycled Water Treatment Plan represents a major milestone for the project. Being able to upcycle water for productive reuse in the South Arm community has a range of positive environmental, social, and economic outcomes. The seamless FAT is a testament to the detailed planning and iterative design process conducted by the Southland Filtration team.”

The system has been designed and manufactured by Southland Filtration. It is due to be installed in Q2 of 2024.

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Kiri Barker, Head of Marketing

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