Date: 03/07/2024
Read Time: 2 minutes
Author: Dr Surani McCaw, B.E. (Chemical), Ph.D.
Article Key Points:

  • Proper design and implementation of RO systems in hospitals are essential for maintaining compliance and ensuring high standards of patient care, particularly in CSSD and dialysis units.
  • Robust disinfection processes, such as maintaining water temperature at 80°C for at least 60 minutes, are crucial to prevent bacterial colonisation and ensure effective thermal disinfection outcomes.
  • Correcting false beliefs about operating temperatures, ringmain length, and the heat retention properties of thermoplastics versus stainless steel is vital for optimal RO system performance and microbial compliance.

The integration of reverse osmosis (RO) plants in hospitals, particularly in CSSD and dialysis units, has become standard practice to uphold compliance and elevate patient care standards. However, the prevalence of ambiguous and misleading information has led to flawed approaches in RO system design, compromising adherence to essential standards.

Effective RO system design must meet critical requisites to ensure sustained compliance. A pivotal aspect involves implementing robust disinfection processes, such as thermal disinfection, to safeguard both patient and staff wellbeing. Correcting common misconceptions is crucial for proper practices. Here are corrections to some common misconceptions:

Precision in these processes is paramount for mitigating costs associated with risks to patient health, operational downtime, reputational damage, and premature RO system replacement.

I have authored several white papers aimed at empowering healthcare facilities and personnel with essential knowledge and insights. These resources are designed to ensure the effective and sustainable operation of RO systems in alignment with healthcare standards:

Focused on enhancing patient care outcomes and organisational efficiency, we at Southland aim to provide clarity and actionable strategies. The importance of correct RO system design and operation cannot be overstated in maintaining long-term compliance and futureproofing our healthcare systems.

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