[18/10/2022] Southland Filtration and D2K Information today released a white paper for facility and hospital managers titled ‘Sterilisation, Disinfection, Inactivation Not Knowing the Difference Could Cost you a Life’. The paper describes the differences between the three,  and provides solutions to help improve microbial sanitation and hygiene risk management.

The paper is co-authored by Dr Surani McCaw from Southland Filtration and Dr Annette Davison from D2K Information. It examines some of the issues the authors have observed in managing microbial system health risks such as facility managers unknowingly exposing their staff, patients and visitors to health risk, because of inadequate water quality management and sanitation.

The paper highlights the key differences between disinfection, sterilisation and inactivation and suggests ways in which facility managers can protect themselves, through improved risk detection, risk prevention and risk reaction.

Dr Davison is a risk and auditing expert with over 30 years of experience in the water and environment industries. “Talking with clients, we were struck by the gap in their understanding of what appropriate water quality management looked like, and what they needed to have in their toolboxes to protect themselves, and the people they were tasked with protecting. That’s why we wrote this paper, to tell a story of microbial system health, and how managers could improve their practices, with a better understanding of the facts.”

“It’s important to understand the scientific difference between these terms” says Dr McCaw, co author of the paper and a Chemical Engineer at Southland Filtration.  “Understanding these differences allows you to match the correct process to the application so you can achieve the specific outcome you are aiming for. Not understanding the difference can compromise public safety.”

Click here for more information and to download the white paper.