Customers can now level up their risk management as water filtration specialist joins forces with water quality management experts.

[17/8/2023] Southland Filtration, a leading specialist in engineering water filtration systems for the healthcare, construction, manufacturing and food and beverage industries, today announced its partnership with D2K Information.

Through the strategic partnership, Southland Filtration will utilise D2K’s expertise in water quality monitoring technology, consulting and software. The partnership will provide Southland clients with end-to-end water filtration and management solutions, unlocking significant compliance and system efficiencies. D2K will now be able to offer a major step change to its customer offering through the inclusion of significant treatment solutions and experience, offered by Southland Filtration.

The agreement brings together Southland Filtration’s 20 + years’ experience in engineering water filtration systems, supplying filtration products and providing system servicing, alongside D2K’s QualitEye® water quality monitoring technology and Information Engine™ water quality intelligence software.

“Water quality and quantity are fundamental to a sound business. This partnership allows our clients to have the best possible outcomes for their water needs. Southland Filtration identified D2K as a best in class partner, to help clients achieve improved water quality outcomes and business efficiency’ said Matt McGuire, CEO of Southland Filtration.

“D2K is very happy to be working with such an industry respected organisation. Water quality security is one of the number 1 issues in the world today and our partnership is already helping customers to prepare for and mitigate this risk,” said Phil Krasnostein, CEO D2K Information.

“We have always had the view that robust science is fundamental to our customer’s success. Partnering with Southland Filtration has created a synergy between our engineers and scientists that will allow us to take customer outcomes to a whole new level,” said Dr Annette Davison, R&D and Consulting Manager, D2K Information.

Free Risk Consultation

To celebrate our partnership with D2K, we are offering a free 30-minute risk consultation. The obligation-free phone call will be with experts D2K’s Dr Annette Davison and Phil Kranostein. Annette is a highly experienced certified auditor and award-winning risk manager in the water, environment, policy and mining fields. Phil has over 40 years of experience in engineering and process industries including several years in the highly regulated Australian urban water recycling sector. Find out more about the free consultation.



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Kiri Barker, Head of Marketing
Southland Filtration

About Southland Filtration

Southland Filtration is an Australian, family-owned business with over 20 years’ experience providing water filtration solutions. Southland engineer and distribute water filtration systems such as Reverse Osmosis and Desalination units. It supplies products such as filters and UV disinfection, provides spare parts, as well as services water filtration systems. Southland serves clients in the commercial, industrial, and healthcare sectors across the eastern seaboard.

About D2K Information

D2K Information is a start-up specialist water quality monitoring technology and information provider. D2K aims to provide well-designed and executed water quality monitoring, information and system optimisation solutions. Improving the management of water quality through:

  • Monitoring that’s fit for place
  • Information that’s fit for purpose
  • Solutions that just work.