Skan Connectors

An easy to install, fully flexible 316 stainless steel connector, that will save time and money on those difficult jobs joining A to B.

Product Highlights

Durable Connection
Ensure a lasting connection with our flexible connector design that resists ‘work hardening’ i.e. joining rain tanks or any setup prone to movement. Say goodbye to the hassle of hard plumbing.

Enhanced Flow
Experience maximum flow with our full bore connector where it matches the thread size, eliminating the need for rubber or plastic hoses. Enjoy improved flexibility and strength, meeting all necessary code requirements.

Vibration Resistance
Say no to cracks caused by vibration with our specially designed connector, ideal for situations where rigid PVC pipes fall short.

Corrosion Protection
Rest easy with our 316 Stainless Steel construction, offering resistance to corrosion and rust without the need for additional measures like dielectric unions.

Convenient Changeovers
Simplify your maintenance routine with female unions at each end of our connector, perfect for hassle-free replacements in items like GAC filter vessels.

Extra Strength
Reinforce your setup with our over braid flexible connector, adding an extra layer of durability to our already robust design.

Certified Peace of Mind
Trust in our WaterMark approval for assurance that our product meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Reliable Performance
Rest assured with a max operating pressure of 3,000kPa, ensuring our connector can handle various installation demands without risk of rupture.
Versatile Temperature
Enjoy the versatility of our connector with a max water temperature of 95ºC, suitable for both hot and cold water systems.

Product Range

  • Skan SS Flexible Connectors

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