Date: 21/03/2022
Read Time: 2 min
Author: Andrew Cox
Key Points:

  • Sediment in municipal water systems leads to aesthetic and maintenance issues, causing up to 25% water wastage due to leakage, highlighting the need for effective filtration solutions.
  • Southland Filtration offers automatic backwashing systems from JUDO and AUTOFINE, reducing sediment-related maintenance costs and providing significant savings for commercial and domestic properties.


Sediment is present in varying degrees in all municipal water supplies, especially in areas where the pipe infrastructure is old. This can cause not only aesthetic, but also maintenance problems. Current research indicates that over 25% of all water supplied to domestic and commercial properties in Australia is wasted due to leakage. The presence of sedimentary particles in the water such as grit or rust flakes cause wear and corrosion in pipes, taps and valves.

Southland Filtration has been supplying automatic backwashing systems from manufacturers such as JUDO and AUTOFINE for over 20 years to eliminate sediment from mains inlet water. The automatic self-cleaning screen capacity of these filters drastically reduces both filter and downstream equipment maintenance and expense, providing an excellent cost benefit ratio on installations.

Did you know, research by the Australian Government shows that up to 26% of mains water used both in commercial and domestic properties, is wasted due to leaking taps, pipes, cisterns and valves? And most of that stems from the presence of small particles in the water which create friction and corrosion in moving parts. Over the past few decades, Southland Filtration has been supplying the JUDO and AUTOFINE automatic self-cleaning screen filtration systems, as the most effective way to automatically remove the sediment present from the incoming mains supplies and in turn providing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of savings to many clients around the country. In fact one customer reported back that the installation of the JUDO automatic screen filter on the inlet to a large milk processing facility saved over $100,000 in just the first 6 months of installation! Another commercial hotel reported in with similar results of over $100,000 of tangible savings within 12 months of installation!

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