Southland Filtration were approached by the project engineers to design a water treatment system to produce potable water for the new visitors centre at Woolmers Estate, one of five Tasmanian convict World Heritage sites. The project scope included the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the water treatment plant.

The water supply, sourced from the nearby Macquarie River, is pumped to storage tanks where it feeds the raw water storage supply for treatment. This is also supplemented by rainwater collected from the roof of the new visitors centre.

The plant design included: sediment removal media; granular activated carbon media (GAC); UF membrane plant for removal of high molecular weight contaminants, colloids & bacteria; recirculating chlorine dosing system with online monitoring & analysing to ensure a disinfection residual and a single VSD pumpset to pressurise and distribute the treated water throughout the complex.

A tight construction program meant resource management was critical. To minimise time onsite and to speedup build time, the plant was skid-mounted in-house and delivered to site as a complete package.

Plant commissioning included system training for site personnel, meaning operational parameters are monitored regularly ensuring safe, quality water is delivered 24/7.

Another project delivered on-time, within budget and exceeding expectations!