Working closely with the hydraulic consultant resulted in a state of the art mains inlet filtration plant for the new Wagga Wagga Base Hospital. The German manufactured JUDO fully automatic self-cleaning screen filter units were selected for this project, for the following reasons:

– Unique point rotation screen cleaning process, means concentrated water velocity for maximum screen cleaning efficiency,

– Durable product with the ability to filter and clean without interruption to the service flow

Project Scope

To design and supply a fully automatic sediment removal system with remote monitoring capability, using minimal water consumption.

Project Result

The system was configured as a two stage process with the first stage being 100 micron and the second stage 30 micron, to achieve maximum sediment reduction.

Each unit is fully integrated into the hospital BMS, allowing remote monitoring of fault status and even remote initiation of the backwash process.

The system was supplied as a complete package including manifold pipework, valves and controls on to a manifold and support frame which enabled a greatly reduced installation time.

The modular design of duty/standby in the skid format allows the flexibility of greater peak demand flows and uninterrupted supply of filtered water to the hospital during service and
maintenance intervals.

A further design feature includes a bypass on the manifold which can be used for a further stage of filtration should the demand in the hospital increase.