How a uniquely designed rainwater reuse system has played an integral role in Bankwest Stadium’s sustainability credentials

The recent construction of the $300 million Bankwest Stadium in Parramatta, Sydney, has some serious sustainability targets to achieve. Its been designed to meet best practice guidelines to achieve a Lead Energy Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Rating. The project has initiatives ranging from on-site energy reduction, using durable materials from sustainable sources and minimizing heat island effect.

Water conservation for the 30,000 seat stadium has an ambitious target to use 20% less water than standard practice. This is to be achieved by collecting rainwater from the stadium roof and reusing on site.

Rainwater harvesting is an alternative to using mains water and can be used for irrigation, toilet flushing, drinking water and laundry. One of the major applications of this for Bankwest has been the flush water for the toilets within the stadium. A design requirement of the building was that no punter was to be more than 30 meters from a toilet. With over 450 toilets on the site, the flow rate of the water had to allow for all toilets to be flushed simultaneously.

The stadium also had a unique requirement for its rainwater reuse system, it had to use the least amount of floor space on the site. Although typical systems with multiple filter units are configured at ground level, we were able to elevate the entire system from the floor to sit vertically along the wall to maximize the floor space.

“We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and have never seen a project with these unique footprint demands” says Steve Cox, Manager of Operations and Service “It required some serious out-of-the-box innovation from our technical engineers who used their extensive knowledge of water infrastructure and creativity to design a system that could handle the specified flow rates. The result is not only impressive but also fills the brief”

The system had to filter sediment particles down to 30 microns to protect downstream fixtures and fittings from corrosion and blockages. It comprises of a bank of 10 JUDO DN100 JPF AT/P backwash filters mounted to the wall, saving over 90 square metres of valuable plantroom area.

The design included supplying stainless steel manifold pipework for a complete solution, reducing plumbers work time and helping the stadium save on plumbing costs.

The stadium boasts the steepest grandstands in Australia, promising to bring fans closer to the sports and entertainment it hosts.

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