Iconic hotel saves thousands in equipment and labour costs by using automatic backwash filters on their mains water inlets.

Heritage-listed site the Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel in Hobart has a rich history dating back to convict times. Deemed as being of historical importance, the site was first occupied by shanty housing and then turned into wool storage and treatment facility in the 1850’s.

The now high-profile hotel apartments began experiencing sediment particles in the incoming mains water supply. This could have been due to the nature of the pipe network on their side of the street and its location in the water supply network, where particles upstream were flowing down to them.

It’s not uncommon for rust and scale to build up in water supply pipework given that a lot of Australia’s water supply pipework comprises of aging steel or cast iron. When these types of impurities become displaced, they can corrode plumbing systems, posing a huge impact on building maintenance costs.

The Old Woolstore’s gas water heater pre-filters had to be cleaned once a month due to the sediment build up. Their 120 Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) needed to be refitted with seal kits every 9 months on account of sediment in the water causing blockages and leaks in the valves. This cleaning and refitting came at a significant cost to the hotel.

We supplied 4 JUDO JPF DN80 automatic backwash screen filters to be installed on the 2 mains water inlets to the site. “The JUDO filters were perfect for the Old Woolstore as it allows water to continue to flow whilst being filtered through stainless steel filter screens” said James Cox, Technical Engineer, “These screens retain all sediment particles until a backwash commences with no interruption to service flow during the backwash process”

The results made a huge difference, where the gas water heaters had zero traces of dirt, and the TMV’s showed no signs of sediment build up.

If you’re experiencing any problems with sediment build up in your mains inlet water, contact our water specialists on 1800 656 771 or through our online form.