This project involved the supply, installation & commissioning of automatic filtration system for potable cold water supply for LION Dairy & Drinks Processing Facility in Lenah Valley.

Prevention of foreign sediment particles in the incoming mains water supply to food processing plants should be a top priority for plant maintenance managers, at both existing and new sites.

Recently, Lion Dairy & Drinks Lenah Valley site experienced an increase of foreign sediment particles including dirt, rust and scale. This resulted in systems, like the separators, not working effectively; and an increase in operating costs due to an increase in frequency of water filter element replacements. The sediment present in the water supply isn’t limited to these complications, but will also be working detrimentally towards valves, seals, ceramic discs, pipework pitting and corrosion.

Southland Filtration were contracted to provide a fully automated filtration system to be installed on the incoming mains water supply, to filter all water entering the site to 50 microns. This automatically will screen sediment particles, of 50 micron and larger in size, from the water supply and flush to drain, without interrupting water flow onto site.

Between 20 – 25% of all mains water entering commercial sites in Australia, is leakage from taps, piping and valves, caused by sediment particles in the water supply lodging in these places and creating corrosion issues. By removing the sediment/corrosion issue, Southland Filtration can guarantee not only an instant improvement in internal systems operation and cost savings through less frequent filter changes and water leakage, but higher quality water used on site and an increase in lifespan for all equipment in contact with this water supply.

Southland Filtration has now completed and successfully installed, tested and commissioned the project, through supplying a JUDO JPF DN150 series automatic backwash filter, including new pipework manifolds and weather-proof enclosure.