This recent solution implementation at Epworth Hospital in Victoria makes an interesting study. Pre mid-2014, the hospital had an ongoing problem with positive Legionella counts.

In mid-2014 a site upgrade utilising the AUTOFINE protection filter by Southland Filtration was implemented and a regime of regular fixture flushing was instituted throughout the hospital. Since then, regular testing has not returned a positive Legionella count.

This system, which is completely automatic in operation, is a basic and low cost solution to one of the major challenges facing building services managers in institutional buildings.

It relies on the ability of the AUTOFINE units to automatically screen all incoming mains water for particulate contaminants down to a level of 6 micron or below in size.

These particles have been identified as potential carriers to which the bacteria can adhere and their removal greatly reduces the risk of Legionella entering and spreading through the pipework.