Southland Filtration were approached by the project engineers for the Brett Whiteley Water Feature upgrade works. The project scope included the design, supply and commissioning of re-circulation water treatment system for water features. The system design had to incorporate pumps to pressurize water through the fountain network based on timer program, removal of suspended solids, and residual disinfection for control of bacteria. As the existing plant room space was limited, the system had to be compact to maximise spatials.

The water re-circulation system included a single pressure pump with timer program control to re-circulate the water through the fountains, a 20 micron automatic self-cleaning screen filter and copper/silver ionisation for control of bacteria, pathogenic microorganisms, algae and fungal contamination. Copper/silver ionisation was chosen for the disinfection technology as it doesn’t require the use of chemicals, maintains a longer disinfection residual vs alternative methods and is successful in the control of algae and bio-film.

System programming and commissioning involved regular water tests over a 2 week period to ensure residual disinfection was being maintained.

The water re-circulation system formed part of a major upgrade to Brett Whiteley Place which included high quality granite paving, drainage improvements, lighting, street furniture and bus shelters and complete refurbishment of the existing fountains.

Another project delivered on-time, within budget and exceeding expectations!