Our responsibility towards achieving Ecologically Sustainable Developments and Green Building Design initiatives in both effective and cost efficient manner,  has resulted in an increased awareness in the benefits of re-using rainwater that falls freely on our own roofs.  The collection and re-use of rain water is now an integral part of new and renovated building design and construction.

Harvested rainwater is used in place of mains water for a number of applications including irrigation, toilet flushing, drinking water and laundry.  Education facilities, shopping centres, retirements villages and industrial estates all benefit from this shift in water supply.

Southland Filtration have developed turnkey systems to combat water restrictions and allow clients to re-use rainwater resulting in high annual water savings.  We can supply the systems as components for tight situations, or as complete packaged systems, (which include support base, pipework, valving etc), for easy specification and installation.