At Southland we create perfect solutions for industrial water filtration assets – from process water to waste water treatment.  We assist engineers and facility managers Australiawide achieve better water efficiency and quality to improve equipment longevity and reduce costs.

On contact, our industry experts assess the unique parameters of the site each site, and then provide a budget ready proposal.  We create determine a filtration solution that matches meets water quality standards and requirements for the site.

The delivery process is designed to match our vision of making water filtration simple and easy.  We manufacture systems off-site with the aim to keep disruption to site processes to a minimum.

With ongoing support, Southland invests in long term relationships.  We offer a maintenance package which includes 10 year compliance guarantee for the system and 24/7 on-call technical support.

Over the years Southland Filtration has designed process water treatment systems as diverse as mains inlet sediment plants for milk processing facilities, systems to provide the highest quality water for dilution of concentrated spirits to distilleries and wastewater treatment plants to research facilities.  The combined experience of our engineers and project managers gives us the confidence we can to create the perfect solution for your water filtration assets – on time, on-budget and hassle-free.