Experience is key in creating a successful Potable Water Treatment (PWT) system.  It is essential that all environmental influences are taken into account from the design phase.  Southland Filtration has installed systems across a spectrum of Australian sites, and we are always learning better ways to achieve efficient and easy-to-use systems.

Each Potable Water Treatment plant is engineered to address specific location water quality, whether the source be ground water, surface water or seawater.  Water temperature, flow rate requirements, removal of iron, manganese, radium, fluoride, arsenic, sulfide and turbidity are just some of the factors that need to be taken into account during engineering.

Southland is committed to providing advanced solutions for our clients; that require minimal operator involvement, providing you with trouble-free, continuous operation.

We take great care to make certain the PWT systems we create are on-point and meet your requirements.  We believe your water filtration assets should be providing you with tangible benefits to your day to day operations.